Ahora Watlow ofrece una clínica in situ para miembros del equipo y sus cónyuges en las instalaciones de St. Louis y Hannibal, MO

01/27/2015 12:00:00 AM


St. Louis, MO

Watlow®, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, is pleased to announce that it has opened an on-site medical clinic at its location in Maryland Heights, MO. The “Health and Wellness Center (HWC),” which will be operated by Healthstat, will provide Watlow team members an opportunity to save time and money, as well as improve and maintain overall health.

The HWC will employ a credentialed and licensed nurse practitioner with oversight from a local supervising physician. Many services will be offered such as acute and episodic care, which includes cough, cold, flu, sprains, laceration repair, etc.; primary care and coordination, including medication prescribing, referrals, lab testing, etc.; chronic disease management; preventative health and health coaching.

The HWC is currently located in a refurbished area of Watlow’s Maryland Heights, MO location but this facility is being renovated into the company’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC). In the new facility, the HWC will have a separate clinic entrance, waiting room, restroom and examination room.

“The primary goal of our new on-site clinic is to help our team members live healthier lives,” said Sheryl Hicks, vice president of human resources. “If we engage team members in health promotion, prevention and health risk management activities, it will result in a healthier work place. It will also assist in the reduction of healthcare costs that Watlow and team members pay each year, so it helps everyone.”

The HWC opened in Watlow’s Maryland Heights, MO location on enero 19, 2015. The company has plans to open on-site clinics at its other locations as well.

Acerca de Watlow

Watlow diseña y fabrica calefactores industriales, sensores de temperatura, controladores, software de apoyo y componentes para sistemas térmicos. La empresa se asocia con sus clientes para optimizar el rendimiento térmico, reducir el tiempo de diseño y mejorar la eficiencia de sus productos y aplicaciones.

Watlow ofrece su experiencia a distintos sectores, incluidos los de procesamiento de semiconductores, cámaras medioambientales, procesos energéticos, emisiones diésel, equipo médico y de restauración.

Desde 1922, Watlow ha crecido en cuanto a capacidad productiva, experiencia de mercado y alcance mundial. The company holds more than 415 patents and employs 2,000 employees working in nine manufacturing facilities and three technology centers in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Watlow also has sales offices in 16 countries around the world. El compromiso de la empresa sigue siendo el mismo a pesar de su crecimiento: proporcionar a sus clientes productos y servicios de máxima calidad para satisfacer sus necesidades individuales.

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